Nero SDK & Borland C++

Hi all,
I´m trying to use the SKD with my borland C++ App.

FOA I used the nerocom imported as a type library, but I didn´t know
how to manage the NeroDrive, NeroDrives, … when I declared them as
pointers, I had an exception:

NeroDrives *nd;
NeroDrive *n;
nd = Nero->GetDrives(CD);
for(int i=0;i<nd->Count;i++) // exception here
n = nd->Items(i);


then I tried to port the nerocmd app to borland but I get some errors linking
without runtime libraries:

¿ is it neccesary to check “threat enums as ints”?
¿is it possible to link without runtime libraries?



PD: any help or sample source code would be pleased