Nero SDK and VC++ 2005

I recently upgraded to from VS 2003 to VS 2005 and when linking with nerogluert.lib I get an error at runtime:

An application has made an attempt to load C runtime incorrectly.

Apparently this is caused by the incompatibility between the VS 2005 C runtime and the VC++ 6.0 one (with which neroapigluert was complied, I suspect).

So, my question is: do I have any chance to make my application working with VS 2005? A workaround maybe?

Did you got any progress ?
I am planning to use VC2005 too.

No, no progress. Apparently it is not possible to link to a dll created with VC60.

For anybody out there who may be interested, I succeeded to make everything working by setting MSVCRT.LIB to be ignored at link time.

Thank you for posting your solution!

I also have to use VS 2005 to build my application. Is there any plans to release a new SDK for this? I can’t comment out the MSVCRT.LIB during my link as was previously suggested. I guess if not, I can use the COM component.

Why can’t you “comment out” the MSVCRT? Just add the library to the ignore list of the linker settings, or would this introduce other problems to your project?

Unfortunately, the project requires the MSVCRT.LIB.