Nero SDK and Nero Robo

Is it possible to control nero robo with nero SDK?
How can you do that, if it’s possible?

Thanks alot!

It is currently not possible to control NeroROBO with the NeroSDK. Currently, you only get the necessary interfaces if you have licensed the NeroAPI separately. However, we are thinking about integrating this functionality in one of the next SDKs.

Thank you, Matze!

It would be great if you could write a comment to this Thread, when you have added this feature to SDK!

Thank you!

The functionality is available in the NeroSDK 1.06.

It is located under the NeroRobo directory of the SDK. There are some examples of the coding necessary to intergrate your robotic unit.

If you want a prepackaged method, you could look at the NeroRobo from Ahead, but it costs $150+.