Nero SDK and Blue-ray

Hi Guys,

Has anyone tried using the Nero SDK 1.08 (latest) API and Nero with Blue-ray media?

The sdk documentation only mentions CD/DVD so I am unsure if its supported anyway.

I have tried burning to disk but I get an error :
“You are trying to burn a BD-R multisession disc with an UDF version below 2.60. This is not possible. Please use UDF version 2.60 instead”

Looking at the SDK version 2.6 is not listed in the UDF revision types. I thought I would set a lower version number and so it is not burnt multisession using:


Then on the Nero Burn command:

NeroBurn(nDeviceHandle, NERO_ISO_AUDIO_CD, &nNW_WriteData,
NBF_WRITE , 0 , &np_Progress);

Even though I have set no multisession (i.e. NBF_CLOSE_SESSION is not added in the flags) this popup still occurs?!

Is there something I have missed?