Nero SDK 1.07 Bug

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to NeroSDK. I using Borland C++5.0 Builder.

I had few question.

a) For NeroAPIGlueBCPPB.lib, do it need stlpmti.lib?

b) Do I really need Borland C++ 6.0? bcoz I can compiled with 5.0
after some changes.

c) For NeroUserDailog.h it had a very silly bugs in Borland compiler.
Mis-match coding.

  typedef enum

   #if defined(__BORLANDC__)   //  <--  move from bottom 
   #pragma option pop   // <--  move from bottom  
   #pragma pack(pop)  // <--  move from bottom  

   #endif /* __NEROUSERDIALOG__ */

d) Where can I get the sample instruction to use NeroTestApi to
burn with CUE file.

KL Chin