Nero scsi command aborted

i have been mailing to you cause i got a Desktop Computer
its a Hp Pavillion t520m , it is Athlon Xp 2500 + 256 Ram ,
running windows xp + Service pack 2 .
But since i bought in mc allen texas ,
this device i couldnt use it cause ,
as it sais in the box of the burner ,
i just plug it into my computer ,
windows seems to recognize it and a message apear saying
that i can use my mad dog burner , then i install nero oem ,
and i try to burn something an
i always recieve " scsi command aborted " so i do not burn anything ,
i m just waisting my dvd-r disc ,
and i can not go to the compusa store to change it cause
i live 7 - 8 hours from mc allen texas so i need the right software
so my windows xp can work with the external burner ,
i dont want to recieve the scsi command error again ,
i wish u can help me cause , the burner its ok ,
i just plug it into a celeron 533 mhz running windows me
and then install nero and it burns fine so ,
whats going on with windows xp usb 2.0 drivers ,
any drivers for windows xp ? or please help me

@ sagahon
Please post your nero error log. Make sure you delete your name and serial number from the top of the report. Also, could you post a nero infotool system scan(Programs/nero/nero toolkit/nero infotool). Make sure all 8 boxes are checked and save as a .txt file and attach using the ‘manage attachements’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window. I read your other posts already.