Nero Scout Bypass?



I am the new owner of a Dell XPS 410 running Vista Ultimate with 2.6 Ghz Intel Dual Core, 2gb RAM, Lite-On LH-20A1S and Samsung TS-H653A (which is the OEM SH-S183A) that I wish to install the latest version of Nero 7 Ultimate Enhanced onto.

I’ve seen across some forum posts that the Nero Scout application will hijack all file associations. What I haven’t seen anywhere is whether the installation of this particular application can be bypassed by selecting a custom install. It seems that with a custom install selected one would be able to pick and choose which applications to install and which to bypass.

While on the subject, I think Nero’s InCD is another application which I should probably not install onto a Vista-running machine. Any thoughts? I really would like to stear clear of any installation headaches if at all possible (I have already had my share)!


If you select custom you can control what is installed.Go through the program list and anything you don’t want click on not available. When you get the screen with 3 option tabs on the top, video , audio, and photo snap. iT WILL SAY WHICH FILES DO YOU WANT NERO TO BE THE DEFAULT FOR. CLICK ON CLEAR ALL, YOU CAN CHANGE ANYTHING LATER. Do not click next after the first one as it will skip the rest and install the defaults. click on the tabs on the top for all 3 and choose unselect all in each one.
Good luck i tried 3 different versions of 7 and none worked right, i went back to my It does everything i need and no problems.


Thanks for the pointers. If I could use Nero 6, I probably would. Unfortunately, I’m sure this Vista machine would simply combust into a pile of ashes if I tried that :wink:

Vista has its own packet writing software embedded, correct? Therefore installing InCD would probably create a conflict.


I think your right about vista, and from all i have read here and on stay away from incd.
If you go to and in the nero forum, Look or ask for gwendolyn and she will steer you to the sable version of 7. and it is not the new one.


Nero 7 always installs scout, but you can disable it after it is installed. After I disable it, I do a search for it and delete anything with the word scout in it.


I unchecked the ‘scout’ option under custom install.
Unfortunately the bloody installer partly installed it anyway.

Now i have ‘scout’ under <nero><tools> start menu option and when clicked it
tells me ‘initialization error, please install nero again’. I also have ‘scout’ as an
’other’ option within device manager which seems to do nothing. Registry is full
of ‘scout’ references.

Really, what part of ‘don’t install’ does nero not understand.

It’s way overdue for Nero to fix it’s installer !!


T just tried nero 9 and I can bypass nero scout, home etc… just select custom install.