Nero ScanDisk Errors ( Yellow Sectors )

Hi All,
I am pretty new to this forum. I have read a few posts which are related to my question, but could not get answers to all my questions. Hope I 'll be able to get an answer to this.

      When I burn CDs using Nero ( the burn process completes successfully without any issues. But when doing the cd speed tests, surface scan shows a lot of yellow coloured sectors. This happens when I do the tests on my cd-writer. When I do the same surface scan test on my dvd drive there are far fewer errors. In both drives there are no errors with file scanning.  I haven't got any unreadable errors ( red sectors ) so far.
       I have read that generally a cd writer is better at reading discs than a dvd drive. But in my case, reading with a cd writer gives me more errors?? 
        Also, in the other posts, people where getting yellow sectors of about only a few percentages ( 0.11% to 3-4%). But for me while reading in the cd writer it is around 11-12% and in my dvd drive it is less than 1% !!
        If as I read in some of the posts that yellow errors can be corrected at application levels, will I be able to burn cd's which have bootable OS's? In this case, there is no application to correct the errors...
         Also, can these errors be due to some driver/software issue? 
         The writer I am using is ASUS CRW-4816A and the DVD drive is ASUS DVD-E16. I used Samsung media for the test.
          Please let me know if anybody has encountered/corrected these issues before.