Nero scandisk different readings

i burned a disk with lite on 40x12x48s at 16x then ran scandisk it said i had 38.62% damaged sectors the next day i ran scandisk again on same disk and got 0% damaged sectors. is this normal for scandisk that you never get the same results twice and wide differences in results?

This is not unheard of with Scandisc. BTW, many folks prefer the Quality Check test to scandisc for the better GUI, but they measure the same errors. That is, READ errors. So if your drive decides to slow down to correct the errors, the test result will be much different on that read. What you are looking for is a full-speed read with no errors. Drives will sometimes slow during one read and not the next. You do not state what media you are using, but you may get best results by burning the rated speed. Also, use the latest version of Nero/CDSpeed, and get some better media. (TY)

thanks for the reply it sounds like scandisk can be a little picky. so i guess the best test is will it work.

You need to understand what read errors are. It’s not that CDSpeed is “picky”, it’s the way a drive reads. The drive may slow to correct errors, or it may not. The result you are looking for is “0” errors and a full-speed read. If you are seeing any read errors, then the chances are higher that the disc will fail at some point. CDSpeed leaves it to the drive to slow or speed up instead of controlling the read speed. With WSES, you can set the read speed and get a more accurate error count, but CDSpeed is adequate for comparing one media to another or one burn speed to another.