Nero, ScanDisc & red block



After I write a CD with Nero, I check the disk using ScanDisc. Every box is green, usually, except the last box which is quite often red. Why is the last box red? I am writing a multisession CD.

CloneCD writes all green.




the cd isnt closed. or it doesnt like the lead out. write with disc at once, and see if it changes :wink:


That last red box it just fine. Nero writes it’s own catalog entry to determine where the files originated and it is not part of the Official Table of Contents. So CDSpeed can’t read it. But it helps when continuing the multi-session.
It won’t hurt a thing.

Good burning…


Thanks, kilopapa. I don’t usually finalize a CD but I guess if I did all boxes would be green. The red box had me worried because CD Speed says it’s unreadable.




Originally posted by Oz.

You cant write MultiSession CD’s DAO [/B]

didnt say ya could, but since multisessions leave a red block at the end, and clonecd’s are all green…, it kinda stands to reason whats causing it, doesnt it?