I purchased a LiteOn DVD/CD Writer to burn DVD’s (since my old one bit the dust). It came bundled with Nero software. Being naive about it, I assumed that the Nero software was needed to burn DVDs, so I loaded it (Normally, I use DVD Flick).

It takes you right up to the point of almost actually burning a DVD, but after you click “Burn”, it informs you that it doesn’t have what it needs to durn DVDs, and it needs to be upgraded. Right out of the box and it needs upgrading? Wrong.

Furthermore, it then wants permission to access certain parts of your computer, in order to make you a “better offer”. Again, wrong.

This is very underhanded and deceptive, not to mention invasive.

I have since learned that use of the DVD burner is totally irrelevent of Nero. Yet, both Nero and LiteOn are more than happy to allow people to make the same assumption, without warning or notice that the Nero software is needless (and useless). This, too, is an underhanded practice.

As far as I’m concerned, LiteOn is negligent, and Nero is downright criminal. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever do business with either of them again. Beware.