Nero says.. unable to insert

im using the latest nero ultra. when i go to create a dvd movie… then add an avi it says "unable to insert ‘drive path’ "
the avi file came from google video… and you tube.
ive tried other avi files on my comp and the work completely fine, when creating a dvd movie.

ive done some research and found that it could be codec issues. i ran gspot and it says the avi file is OpenDivx, and codecs are installed. In the compatibility mode it says: google has data chunks. is this intended by google to disallow dvd creation from there avi files?

also. ive read somewhere that this message could come up due to DirectX 9.0c buggyness. there is a program called directx happy uninstaller to rollback to directx 8. do you think that is the prob.

I don’t know about DirectX 9, but I wouldn’ think that was your problem.

If the videos in question are the only ones that don’t work, I would have to assume it was something about them. If you right click on the files and check properties, do you get any information, and is there a difference between some of the ones that work and some that don’t?

I have been using Nero 7 and upgraded to Nero 9 and I get the exact same problem. ‘’ unable to insert file’’ when I wanna burn dvd. I have done everything and anything but no luck. can someone help me please :frowning: the problem only started since I upgraded to Nero 9 :sad: