Nero says drive is in use and won't burn data

I have a cd writer as my master drive, and a phillips dvdrw416 as my slave, recording is enabled on it, when I use nero to copy date onto it, it claims it is in use by another application, I dont understand how??? The IDE cables and switches are all in the correct positions, any ideas??? I cant rip anything and I know I definetly have the right media format.

P.S I dont know if this is relevant, but strangly the cdwriter in my master drive doesnt have “sharing, or recording in its options” I am trying to rip information to my dvd, not cd drive.

Do you have a program (eg Windows explorer, InCD, DirectCD) that is accessing the drive perhaps?

This appears to be a software problem, not so much of a hardware issue.

Yesh go into task manager and search around for anything with CD, that could be the problem
Or go to start run type in msconfig and search through the startup tab (these are progras that start with your PC) and disable anything that looks like it may be causing the problem (you can’t screw up as long as you stay in the startup tab)