Nero says: ¡¡¡¡¡ 62 X ! ¿¿¿NORMAL?

Yes, as you read, I just installed my new LDW 811S, and after reinstalling all burning prograns again, I opened the nero, first to check the firmware version it came and…¡¡¡¡¡¡SURPRISE!!!

maximun CD speed: 62 X (9.300KB/s)
and firmware version : HSO6.

Is this firmware new??? or is there a newer one???.

My drive due to the label was manufactured on October 2003.

How do I Know if its a OEM or retail version???
It came in a LITEON box, with the drive, one DVD RW, one DVD -R,
the POWER DVD XP software, and SONIC MY DVD.

Thank you very much in advance to all of you.

That’s normal, and the reported speed will change as you insert different types of media. Your drive is considered retail since it came in a Lite-ON box.

Thank you so much, Moderator.

You’re very welcome, New on Forum :wink:

I have only two options for DVD Read Speed; “maximum” and “11X”. Firmware-fault or Nero?

Neither is at fault.

So DVD Read Speed isn’t changeable on Liteon-drives? My old, and dead, Pioneer DVD-ROM could change DVD Read Speed.

DVD Decrypter also has an option to set DVD Read Speed, which don’t work with LiteOn.