Nero said dvd video files compliance failed

Hi everyone,
I’m new to movies on dvd, i use nero but i cant play my dvd, when i start to burn nero said dvd video files compliance failed.The resulting dvd video might be unplayable.I don’t understand. Can somebody help me please.

You need to provide more information than you have. You need to specify:

What it is you’re trying to burn be it a DVD you’ve made with an authoring program, if so what program and what version.
Is it a commercially pressed DVD that you bought (see note below) and want to back up, if so what DVD title; what Distributor (i.e. Warner, Sony, Universal, etc.); what method: are you compressing the original to fit a 4.37Gb DVD-R: if so what program did you use and what version. Also did you remove any material before compression as this may impact the compatibility with DVD standards.

You need to help cdfreaks members with info before anyone can help you.

NOTE: Discussing methods to aid copying illegally downloaded movies is against forum rules unless the movie is in the public domain which means essentially the movie has no copyright restrictions regarding free distribution.