Nero safedisc 2.70.030


im a bit of a newbie, so here goes i am trying to backup a program that i have that is using safedisc 2.70.030. what do i need to do to burn it with the latest version of nero?

You can’t. You will need a copy of Alcohol 120% or something like it.

You can download a trial from here, and read here for how to copy your games

Well … technically sd 2.7 is just possible using nero with a 2 sheep writer but it would take the best part of forever to do and you’d need a fair bit of luck. Not recommended.

If you have a 2 sheep writer, any of alcohol, blindwrite, cd-mate, clonecd, discdump/fireburner or gamejack will do it with ease though. :slight_smile:

ok thanks for your help alc 120 did it fine. :slight_smile: