Nero runs for about 1 hour and then freezes

:confused: Well thats it, problem solved and Ive managed to burn a movie. New problem now though Nero runs for about 1 hour and then freezes with no explanation as to why and the only way to cure this prob is to shut it down and start over.
Wouldnt it be nice if the manufacturers got there act together before selling us these buggy progs.
Any help would be apreciated.

Hi gatamig

Try being a bit more specific about the whole procedure. What is it that you are trying to burn, what settings used, errormessages if any, some info about the system / software (and versions) you are using

Hi Hemispasm;)
Its a bit of a tough one to explain. The files are downloaded movies AVI. I put them into Nero and set it going but after about an hour, the last time was 2.5 hours, the processing stops and the time clock on the top bar stops although the botom one and the overall time continue to run. The only way to cancel the program is to push cntrl alt del after pressing the abort button at the bottom of the display. It asks if I am sure I want to abort the process and I check the box to say yes but it wont do any more.
There is no message or fault display it just stops for no reason.
I just dont know!
What do you think?

Is DMA enabled?

Hi guys:rolleyes:
Yep it was enabled but dont think thats the problem. I have started running all my files through Video Fixer first and only using a single pass in the burn process options and all seems to be well. I will stick with this for a while and see what happens.
Thanks for the replies.
All the best