NERO runs but DVD-Video stops at 36%



Hello all,

Just got an external DVD burner last week. No problems burning data or audio onto CD or DVD. My problem is that after using DVDShrink, Nero (version 6.?.?.?) will not burn all the output onto a DVD-Video. Nero timer keeps running but the data transfer stops at 36%!?!

It could be that Nero has a problem with the first large VOB file it comes accross i.e. bigger than 1Gb. However, I cannot see any options that might help.

Any Ideas before i make another batch of coasters?

  1. update firmware
  2. update windows
  3. disable autorun’s in windows
  4. run ‘msconfig’
  5. do anything that helps to improve system performance

tried all those? Fire up taskmanager and turn off anything that may seem out of place…