Nero Rom and Cendyne Problem

I just installed the Cendyne CDRW 49X12X48 the LTR/48125W model which i believe is the Lite-on drive. After i installed the drive i tested it out tring to copy Win 98SE OEM version using the software Nero Rom the one that came with the drive. The strange thing is after i copied it the Cendyne said the disc was an Audio cd but yet all other drives recognized it as Win 98. Is thier something wrong with the drive or am i doing something wrong


LTR/48125W is a 48x12x48 Liteon :wink:

No Windows version (I know of) uses physical CD-ROM copy protection, and this includes Windows XP. All use serial codes and XP home also uses an activation.

You could try using a different CD-R brand or a test copy using a CD-RW, but I’ve never heard of anything like this happening! You could also try updating the firmware in case it’s a firmware glitch/bug.

Liteon Firmware - :slight_smile: