Nero Robo Driver plugin




I’m trying to organize the control of DupliQ disc duplicator via Nero Robo SDK.
but I’ve got some questions…

I’ve got a Nero, bundled with recorder and Nero SDK 1.08.

How to use the sample DummyDriver?
NeroGetAvailableRoboDrivers() tells that there are 0 drivers available.

Where should I put this NRDummyDriver.dll to make it visible for Nero?
I tried to put it to Nero root dir,
Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins\ ,
Common Files\Ahead\Lib\ ,
Common Files\Ahead\DSFilter\

no effect :slight_smile:

DupliQ is connected through USB, it works fine as a recorder.

Thanks in advance,


Are the DupliQ drivers installed? Does the DupliQ show up in the Device Manager in the system control panel? Does the DupliQ work with the DupliQ-supplied applications? That has to be working first before Nero’s robot drivers can see it.