Nero restarts OS

I have just installed Nero version Everytime I have to access data on a cd through nero, be it recording data or playing data, it restarts my system. I have tried other programs and they all work fine. For a while it would resart on everything, now I can use neroinfotool without it restarting. Nero worked fine before with the same setup now it does not. Only thing that changed was firmware update on NEC dvd recorder drive

I have uninstalled nero, went through the regisrty and deleted any instance of nero. Turned off the computer and unplugged the drives, changed locations and new cables. The only thing that I have not done is format and start from scratch. Last option, but one that I would not like to do.

AMD Athlon 2500
DFI UntraBII Mobo
512 OCZ dual channel pc 3100 ram
2 160 Gb maxtor HD
350 Enermax PS
ATI 9800Pro 128Mb
NEC 3520A dvd Burner firmware 3.04
Yamaha CRW3200E cd Burner firmware 1.0d
win xp pro sp2


solved the problem by using a different firmware update that allows bitsetting and is an upgrade to allow DL -R