Nero Reloaded 6.6 available for download

Anyone try it yet? It only took me 4 minutes to download the 80MG file.

I just registered at that site and then it says I am not authorized to download files… WHY?? :eek: :frowning: :confused:

i hope they have fixed the bugs before release :slight_smile:

I just downloaded Nero 6.6, not installed yet, from TechConnect and was not asked to register.

It finally worked… I don’t know why it was refusing me, but it finally let me download. Didn’t take very long… just 2 min for the 80 meg file.

Downloaded after a couple of tries, build no. is Looks like a preview/review version, not quite final perhaps? Get small ticks, like small window opening and closing really fast when opening Nero Burning Rom.

Otherwise, things seem fine, burnt a CD, scan with K-Probe doesn’t seem to show anything averse from the new write strategy. Write does seem significantly faster. Nero clocked it at 3.12 mins for a 700MB file. Burnt at 40x.

i’ve had for a few days now. works fine

tried several burns the other day with it too, and it took my sn#…all the burns seemed ok.

I’ve done one burn and it seems ok. Haven’t noticed anything unusual.

I did download it this evening, installed it, didn’t except my Nero 6.3 S/N then I tried the Nero S/N that came4 with my purchase of NEC ND-3500Ag burner (Bulk one) and was excepted as a workable and valid S/N. I haven’t tried burning yet planning to do it either late tonight or tomorrow night.

I’m disappointed with the so cool new features, they are practically non-existent and doesn’t appear in practice…
Then only good feature is for those who want to import -VR & +VR data.

IMO 6.6. is a big marketing GAG.

BTW, when trying the link from post 1, this comes up:
Service Unavailable


just tried it.

I cant believe they havent even fixed some of the obvious bugs that has been complained about for ages. In Nerovision 3 for example, you would expect themto have performed some really important make-over, i mean why else would they upgrade the version from 2 to 3?

It has been pointed out to ahead for ages, that its extremely annoying and poor thought through that you caaon remove the numbering of your videoclips when authoring. Whats the point of having a prefixed number 1,2,3 etc, and the option to make your own titles for the clips. Ahead has acknowledged that this iwas’nt well engineered and that they would fix it in updades. Here were talking of an “upgrade”, and it hasnt been fixed!!

I guess ahead think concumers are stupid, and cannot look through version 6.6 being a marketing scam !

As said in previous posting; it does’nt even contain the 2nd generation of their MPEG-4 NeroDigital solution - the H.264 (AKA MPEG-4 AVC) codec is still missing in action.

Ahead: get a grip! Do serious work instead and dont try to con anybody.

To stupid in the long run.


I just noticed that this version doesn’t come with the latest Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.30. I’m showing only 3.23. In addition, the Nero Media Player version is also old. I’m showing, but it should be the latest as shown on Nero’s website. NeroVision Express 3 update doesn’t fix the problem by the way. It only brings the NVE 3 to the updated version of from that came with the release of Nero Reloaded. Strange, a bug or what?

Does the 80 MB version give you a choice about which components to install? Or should those of us who don’t use the whole package wait for Ahead to release it in parts as usual?

And does anyone have more info about the shorter lead-out feature? Will this cause compatibility problems?

The package only gives you the choice to install NVE 3 or Nero’s Media Player. You can if you want. However, the the Nero Burning Rom, Cover Designer, Express, CD/DVD Speed, Info Tool, Backitup, etc… are installed automatically. You aren’t given the choice to install what you want with these items like in previous Nero suites.

Also like I said in my prior posts, it’s odd that this Reloaded version doesn’t come with the latest Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.30 and Nero Media Player The package installs Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.23 and Nero Media Player even when you update the NVE3 with the recently released update package for NVE3.

At least it’s version 6.6 now and charging for a “new” version 7 skipped 3 numbers closer(6.3 ->6.6) - it appears it’s just a commecial stunt without any merit?!
Anyone wondering? :slight_smile:

… so i feel, too … absolute agreement :iagree: :wink:

Note: When you get the message: “Service Unavailable” please give our downloadserver the time to handle the current amount of downloads. You see this message when it reaches the maximum amount of concurrent users. If you wait for some minutes and try again your download should work just fine.

File d/l fine from there right now, not that I personally want to try it. :bigsmile:

It is possible to not install everything. I used winRAR to extract the 80MB installer. Inside you will find all the seperate installers like you would usually download from

But is it the final version that ahead will release, or just a pre-release/rc/beta ?