Nero Reloaded out!



Nero Reloaded

<TABLE class=download><TBODY><TR><TD class=down1a>Current version:</TD><TD class=down1a></TD></TR><TR><TD class=down1a>Release date:</TD><TD class=down1a>March 13th, 2007</TD></TR><TR><TD class=down1a>Filesize:</TD><TD class=down1a>34.02 MB (35675296 byte)</TD></TR><TR><TD class=down1a>MD5 Checksumme:</TD><TD class=down1a>43c787149902f53eae7d4aa9ebf6ee39</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

no changelog?




thanx for the info but i want to know does this version contain the yahoo tool bar ( or any adware ) or is it free ad awdware ?
Thanx in advance


If you FTP from, there are two choices, Nero- and Nero- For the older versions, there are no_yt (no Yahoo toolbar) versions. So I’m assuming the no_at for the newest means no a??? toolbar.


Its called “Ask Toolbar” and it is under suspicion to be malware. So I thing it might be better to download and istall the -no_at- version.


Does anyone know if this works on Vista?


I’d rather they directed their energy to improving Nero 7… especially fixing the inability of Nero Vision to open image files, and adding a H.264 Nero Digital profile for the 5.5G iPod.


“Ask” is the new name (it was changed some time ago in fact) for the Ask Jeeves search engine; so I’d doubt if it were anything nasty.

#9 (No Yahoo toolbar) :smiley:


When someone trys this version please let us know if it is any good. I had and it was no good, i went back to the best so far. I also had 7 which was one big pain in my youknow what, tried 3 different updates on that one then gave up and sold it HA HA


During the install, one is asked whether the Ask toolbar shold be installed and whether it should be the default, I guess, search critter.

I unchecked the box to NOT make it the default, then I did not authorize installation of the Ask critter.

I was rather surprised I that was not asked to reboot after the install.


Has Ahead posted the MD5 checksum for Nero-


Is this newer than


Yes it is. :iagree:


I’ve got GREAT news:

Nero + DVD Shrink = FINALLY works! :bow: :bow: :bow:

So I guess it’s a very important update to get for a painless one-step DVD video backup

My hat goes to the gurus of Nero :clap:


Im confused.
Are you saying that the new Nero will now be compatible with Shrink; that is can i use this new version to go auto from shrink to nero???


Yup exactly! :smiley: After I updated my Nero, I’ve ripped a DVD with DVD Decrypter. Next, I re-arrange some things in DVD Shrink and I hit the backup button while making sure that I’ve selected “Burn with Nero”. The result is no more error messages when it starts burning on a DVD-R disc. :bigsmile: Just to be sure, I’ve popped the finished disc into my DVD player and it works! :bow:


This is good news.


mirrors for the “no at toolbar” version:


What’s the newest Nero6 version that supports Labelflash?