Nero releases yet another update - Nero Reloaded

I just posted the article Nero releases yet another update - Nero Reloaded

 hernygo used our news submit to tell us Nero  has released an update to version  This comes just several days  folowing the recent Nero release,                       ...
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This may just be a misnumbering incident, since the date listed is the 10th of January.

I thought about a misprint myself, however the file size is also different. They probably forgot to update the date. This update is likely a quick bug fix :stuck_out_tongue:

If only they could do something with the downloads and their servers, it’s really annoying!

Yep, they are badly in need of an upgrade to their servers’ load capacity. :r

if there’s one thing they badly need to do it’s to upgrade their mentality - come on, 29mb updates?!
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This link is working at time of posting…

Frankly, I’m simply tired of all the updates and new releases. I won’t download this one.

mrQQ is tottaly right… I’ve been saying this for years, I think I’ve posted it at least 3 or 4 different times here at CD Freaks… Nero NEEDS to support patching so updates will be a 200k EXE like EVERY OTHER (well made) PROGRAM ON THE PLANET!!! Imagine if you had to download a 1gig file everytime there was a new Windows service pack. At this rate I’ll be switching to Alcohol 120% as the entire program is a 3-4meg download so updates are a breeze.

I decided out of curiosity to see what happens if I try downloading the update using FileMirrors. I got one dead link after another and while Gristy’s link above does indeed work, there is no way I’m going to wait several hours for this. I even gave GetRight a shot and this was all that happened: :stuck_out_tongue:

What needs to happen is someone needs to make a bittorrent file of these updates. Once that happens it will help everyone else.

maybe u pplz should use flashget - set it on ten ports and retry at 1 second (also searches for mirrors both http and FTP - can get up to 40 alternatives when I did it)

Might also help if they released the changelog at the exact same time the updated program was released. I may not even need whatever was fixed.

It took me well under an hour to download the file on the companies 2MB link, I would assume to be the same on my 2MB link at home as well…

Maybe they put out the updates before they’re really sure what they’ve fixed.:wink:

Downloaded from P2P networks, finished d/loading in 30 minutes, I have ignored the included keygen (i have a license) and that was it.