Nero releases version, with app. updates

I just posted the article Nero releases version, with app. updates.

After two months since Nero’s last release of, the company has released an update with a fairly significant version jump to One interesting thing about this update is that Nero…

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Good grief, look at list of bloatware. Do people really install all that stuff?

woah, such SIGNIFICANT changes!

It would be nice to see some changes to the parts of the program that people actually use. you know the burning part or maybe Recode. In my opinion the rest of it is just junk. If they had any sense they would abandon everything but these 2 programs and allow you to download them separate to save you the Bandwidth.

I agree about Recode. They could have unlocked the full 480x272 PSP resolution that Sony now allows for videos with the latest firmware. That is extremely significant, but don’t see anything about that.


i need some help im trying to download nero vision 5 i have nero smart essentials 8 and need da vision to burn movies help