Nero releases version on FTP mirrors *updated 23Feb*



I just posted the article Nero releases version on FTP mirrors updated 23Feb.

 konsolen used our     news  submit  to tell us that Nero has released an  updated version of Nero on its FTP mirrors.  Going by their main German  mirror (, they have...
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I never download latest software from mirrors that are not publicly on the site, it often means there is something wrong with it, they are updating the file, and may fix it, but not give it a new version name, meaning you think you have the latest version, but you may well end up with some version with something wrong with it. Im waiting for them to announce it :slight_smile:


“Maximize” bug is fixed on this build. :slight_smile:


and you also find it here:


Has the disc title name increased to the maximum 31 characters in this release?


Thank God! That was an annoying bug.


Seems like CDSpeed 3.70 was included in this version.:slight_smile:


Maybe I have to install Nero again but the ‘maximize’ bug is still around in this new version on my PC.