Nero releases version of its multimedia encoding suite



I just posted the article Nero releases version of its multimedia encoding suite.

  Just  several days ago, Nero released an update for the Nero itself, but without any   changelog to what  has been updated.  Now they have done quite a number  of updates to the...
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Wow, thats one heck of an update.


I hope the bug fixes included the audio/video out of sync issue when converting avi to dvd.


This update also fixes one of the bugs with Recode 2 that had gotten me scratching my head… when encoding to nero digital (.mp4), the subtitle and chapter tabs had disappeared. They’re back now, but that wasn’t noted in the change log; but it was mentioned to be coming in the forum by one of thier folks.:slight_smile:


I’m getting tired downloading 20-30 meg files. :frowning:


:d Nice updates and no servercapacity :frowning:


I downloaded all updates , 117 MB in 8 minutes. I was surprised having read that their servers were slow. I was surprised to learn that mp3PRO is not part of the ULTRA EDITION --THE ULTIMATE ALL-IN-ONE DIGITAL MEDIA SOLUTION.


I can confirm that after converting one avi to dvd that the audio/video sync issue seems to have been resolved :b:B:B Great update! Now Nero should fix that 16 character limit for a disc title name.


I think you will find mp3PRO is included. Open burning rom >extras >encode files. mp3PRO is listed under the ‘output file format’ drop down menu.