Nero releases its huge changelog for version

I just posted the article Nero releases its huge changelog for version

CyberDog used our    news  submit  to tell us that Nero have  now released their changelog from Nero to        As with previous version 6...
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… and it’s still crap. When are Ahead going to sort out chaptering bugs?:frowning:

I have a license on Nero 5.5.x and I won’t upgrade unless I see a good release. I need not become a beta-tester for Ahead anymore. I’ve had enough :slight_smile:

The initial release of 6.0 was very buggy but imho build was the first decent 6 release and looking at this list, has fixed a zillion other little bugs (that I never experienced). I’d say at this point if you still call 6.x buggy or beta, then you need to get off the bandwagon and stop drinking the koolaid.