Nero releases first information on Nero 7 - Expected in October!



I just posted the article Nero releases first information on Nero 7 - Expected in October!.

 Nero has released information Nero 7, the upcoming version of the  succesful burning application that has turned to a multi-media suite. Nero 7  will be released to the web at the second week of...
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After my experiences with NERO tech support (a joke but I’m not laughing) and my so-called “upgrade” to NERO ULtra ($50 down the drain) I think I’ll pass on NERO 7, thank you very mush.


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This is WAY too soon after the release of Nero6 to be trying to force users to buy Nero7. No doubt Nero7 will also include some form of online activation too. And support for new drives will only be found in 7. Nero is getting too big for their britches. :r


I have to agree with rdgrimes on this one. It seems like software developers have taken “planned obsolescence” to a whole new level.


Updateing via a patching system instead of downloading the whole damn package is likly to much to hope for, but one can dream right?


Nero 6 Has been around for at least 2 years. How is Nero 7 Being forced upon us? Must be some other Nero we are talking about. It is about time they released a new version. Hope it is still a great product. Hope this has some new fetures like reporting actual burn speed in progress. Lately I have prefered to use the new version of Easy Media Creator. In my opinion Roxio has made some great inprovements. Competion is good!


You realise you can get Nero to report actual burn speed progress via a very simply registry entry?


Nero’s first releases of new versions have always been buggy, I hope this time would be different.
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1st of all, it’s not so soon to get a new version… @rdgrimes. u should’ve been talking about Nero Reloaded 6.6 not 6.0… and well, seems like my dreams of having Nero v6.6.6 r not coming true:( @doug81b4u… i think u should chechk “regedit” for some useful stuff in nero, those of not being shown in the GUI;)


I agree, 2 years with a single version number is a decent length of time, compared with many other software providers. Microsoft is a good example who have upgraded their software several times within a few years, i.e. Windows 98 -> ME in two years and Windows ME -> XP Home in just one year! I remember during the time XP Home was launched, there were quite a lot of upset Windows ME users who happened to purchase their PC in-between or very near the launch of Windows XP and there was no way Microsoft would even think of offering a free upgrade, no matter how close one purchased a PC with their OS to the launch of their new OS.
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If you can’t read German, stick this page into babel fish to see some of the new features:,22134.html