Nero rejects DVD+R during burn process!

Hi there!

Just stumbled over your fab site and wondered if you guys could help me?

My PC runs on Windows XP2 and I’ve been learning how to burn DVDs over the last few weeks. I’ve been using Tuff Disc DVD+Rs (4.7GB; 16x write speed) and everything seemed to go okay. Recently though Nero has been spitting out discs halfway through copying, which it’s never done before. When I check the rejected DVD in My Computer it shows up as being empty but I’m not sure if that’s the case. Sometimes they are and I can rerecord on them (I’m using DVD+Rs - not rewritable DVD+RWs) - which I guess means the discs ARE blank - but sometimes I can’t and Nero spits out the disc again.

My question: Is there any program that can check my DVD+R’s to see if they are empty or if they’re corrupted? I’ve tried DVD Identifier but it always comes up with the same results, i.e. it verifies the disc is empty but sometimes Nero still rejects it again at the end of the burning process.

The status during the last check read:

[20:06:24] DVD Identifier V5.0.1
[20:06:24] Initializing Drive Interface [Auto-Select ASPI/SPTI]
[20:06:24] SPTI Drive Interface Successfully Initialized
[20:06:24] 1 Supported Drive Found (Out Of 2 Available Drives)
[20:06:24] Manufacturer Database [08-OCT-06@727$93] Loaded From File : (@727$93) Entries Found
[20:06:24] Internet Version Check Postponed Since Last Check Happened Less Than 1 Hour Ago
[20:06:28] DVD+R/+RW Medium Detected. Starting Identification…
[20:06:28] ** Initiating ADIP Retrieval Method 1 (Original ADIP)
[20:06:28] ADIP Read Method 1 Completed Without Errors
[20:06:28] Disc Identification Completed Successfully

Am I using crap discs or what? Even when I try to burn at a very low speed the same error keeps occurring.

Sorry if this post is in the wrong forum but I am pretty new to this malarky so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

You may have better luck with Verbatim, as Tuffdisc are indeed not very good at all.

So give some Verbatim discs a try :slight_smile:

Tuffdisc are %^££%£^$&$$^ in terms of quality :a

Infiniti, Verbatim, HP or Taiyo Yuden are better :slight_smile:

Also, using DVDIdentifier can you give us the Manufacturer ID of the discs?

I would recommend that you stay away from any Tuffdisc, Bulkpaq, Datawrite, Mirror, Aone, Platinum, and any other cheapo brand. It’s all about luck with these.

If you want better consistency where quality is concerned then buy some Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, Infiniti or maybe even TDK branded media.

Yeah - Manufacturer ID is “CMC MAG”…

Thanks for the replies, you other guys! Never had trouble with Tuff Disks before but I did buy them on a budget when I was skint! I use Verbatim CDs with no problem so I’ll upgrade next time


Use any of the above mentioned brands and I’ll bet you’ll have minimum problems from here on out :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice… I’ll stick to better discs in future!


CMC MAG and what else is in the MID?

It’s 16x +R, so it’ll be CMC MAG M01 :slight_smile:

All kinds of quality, from crap to good.


I quit using Nero for burn in dvdr. They’re the best for burn cdr but not for dvdr

IMO, not anymore. If I had to add brands to the usual Verbatim and Infiniti, I’dd rather add Plextor, HP, Sony and Benq. I’ve been a TDK addict for years but now I’d rather buy E-net stuff than TDK-branded discs. :Z I’ve had all sorts of problems with TDK since they announced that they would stop media production, something obviously went downhill very fast in the manufacturing quality control. :frowning:
Tuffdisc is mostly re-branded media (overprints) from all sorts of manufacturers, and is wildly variable in quality, mostly mediocre, almost never really “good”.
Among the rest of E-net stuff (Datawrite, Datasafe, Ridisc, Rimedia…) they’re probably in the lowest class, though Rimedia is difficult to beat in terms of crappiness. :bigsmile:

You can take chances with budget media, I do from time to time (mainly with CMC MAG E01 coded discs that are almost always decent whatever the brand), but better play safe and go with very good media, you’ll pay just a little more, but the gain in peace of mind, consistency and reliability is unvaluable. :iagree:

I have to agree. TDK lately has been pretty bad for me. I’m talking about 100 discs here that have bad scans, bad TRT everything. All of them, + or - seem to be quite bad.

The only ones I had luck with were the 4x TDK discs that were actually TYG01. I have tried Armor Plated ones too, TDKG02, also good. Didn’t really get into the 8x TDKs as Verbatim was there and also the dreaded RitekG05 which I fell victim to :frowning: