Nero registration



Got Nero Demo and also a registration number but can’t find where to put it. Any help?


what version ??
otherwise we can’t help ya.


Sorry…version Thanks


see now we can help.

Pick your choice…

or just this:
(Serial Number: 1404-1000-0564-0564-7701)


Thanks for your quick reply but I already have a reg #. I need to know where in the app to put it.


If I remember correctly, you either have to enter the code during install(so you’d have to uninstall and re-install), OR start nero demo, and go under “help” and look for “registration”.


Tried both…that’s why I’m asking. Feel kinda stupid, but I can’t figure it out!


I’m sorry i didn’t read your question very good.

But try looking in windows register look foor anything with the name of ahead, perhaps you could write it down there,


otherwise consider of trying to download a differant version.