Nero registration data



A simple and quick question: where and how can I input Nero 4083 registration data?
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PS the program does not ask me the registration data after 20 successfull burnings!!!


First get the from !
Then start nero and go to the toptoolbar to help/registration info… Here you can registrate!
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Many thanks for your tips, but I still cannot register Nero with the serials I previously owned and with the s/n I have found at cdrsoft (I have successfully registered all Nero version from 4.0!!!); if I choose the option Help>registration Info, I am redirected to a site “under costruction” which says: “we will provide you a very nice tool for the registering”; I cannot find either the tool or the usual window which requires my name, my company and the s/n…
By the way, the downloaded Nero version I own, records at 4X without any limitation and shows my data (name and company) in the “abouy” box: is it the commercial version? I have installed it on a “clear” system without previous installations!!!

CIAO from Rorschack


thats because you gotta roll your date on the system clock forward to register it. goto the clock, and set it forward about a year or so, then startup nero and enter the serial, then exit nero, and roll your clock back to the current date/time.


I just went to , I need some kind of password??

Got any ideas??


To Stormy:

If ya checked cdfreaks main page you didn’t need to go to cdrsoft…duh…