Nero refuses to run/launch. Fresh install, used cleantools

Well, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with 2 DVD burners on a win2k machine.

Here’s the setup:
VIA motherboard
PIII 1.26Ghz
8GB OLD Seagate system drive (Master on IDE1)
Highpoint RocketRaid 100 RAID card with:
2x Seagate 160GB ATA100 drives, RAID0 (mirroring).
Windows 2000 SP2 (at the time)
For DVD-RW’s:
a LiteOn SHM-165-P6S or
a NEC/Optiarc AD7170A

The situation:
I had Nero installed. Everything worked fine, DVD’s burned in under 10 minutes for 4GB. Great.
Machine goes out (its used for surveying on a boat), comes back with the complaint that DVD burning is taking forever. It indeed is. When I try to launch Nero, Smart Start pops up, I click burn Data DVD. Nothing happens for at least 2 minutes, then Nero Express comes up. Burning takes 40 minutes for a 4GB fileset. I’m using media that burns at 16x in my other machine, which has a Lite-on SHW-160P6S, its Ritek G04 media. I made sure that DMA is on for all IDE devices, it is. I reinstalled the RAID drivers.

So, I install SP4 for win2k, uninstall Nero, run the clean tools (both the general-clean, and the registry/driver-clean routines)… Now I reinstall Nero from the CD, and it won’t run at all. Smart Start comes up, you click Burn data DVD, nothing happens. Waited 10 mins, nero.exe is in the task manager, pulling 0% cpu, and like9MB of memory.

What gives?
Burn reports are doing nothing for me, but I can post them if you want.

You should have a NeroHistory log you could post, make sure and remove the serial number.

Your problem is burning only, nothing to do with transcoding?

Things you might check:
Did someone load something that conflicted, or change the configuration of the computer?
Do you have some type of virus or firewall program that might be interferring?
Have you checked your serial number to make sure it is right?

Did you ask the folks that took the computer out what they did to it? :rolleyes:

Nothing was done to anyone’s knowledge, No antivirus is installed, the machine has NEVER been plugged into the internet. Its a boat-based PC, so no need for internet.

Nero runs fine without the CD Drive plugged in, so the serial is correct.

I’m starting to think that reinstalling windows is the best idea.

nero_burnlog.txt (7.57 KB)

first off…that version of nero is waay old…the newer optiarc im betting ain’t gonna do to well w/ it

second…the serial number is an issue…i’ve had cases were it would sit in the task manager and nothing would happen at all…it was mostly due to Recode but the same sort of circumstances…

if it were possible…you could do a reformat but i’ll bet since that pc is used for something else that’s not an option

if possible…try imgburn…it can do images and video ts folders…as an alternative…for troubleshooting