Nero & RecordNow can't, Adobe can

NEC 2500 burner 1.07b8a f/w, Memorex (RicohJPN R01) 4x, latest NeroVision, RecordNow Max 4.5, Adobe Encore 1.01, Adobe Premiere Pro. On my 12th DVD, only 2 successful burns, one burned in Premiere, & one in Encore. Using a 2.7G AVI file (just over 12 minutes), that’s it, besides adding a simple menu in Nero & Encore. I’ve flashed the NEC with 3 different f/w’s; I used RecordNow tutes off the web for a DVD video; I’ve used transcoding presets & various adjusments to transcoding options, & changed burn speeds… didn’t make any difference on resulting DVD problem, I seem to burn a consistantly bad DVD in Nero & RecordNow, neither reporting any errors.
The problem is: video & audio are obviously out of sync, audio gets ahead, & the video is slightly jerky on most of the bad DVD’s. On a couple bad DVD’s the audio coughs & then cuts out all together about 1 minute in. Nero Recode copies great.
Any suggestions to get NeroVision to burn right?

Many folks have reported problems when both Nero and RecordNow are installed together. It does not appear to be a firmware or media problem.

Using Nero’s Info Tool does ASPI look good… ‘ASPI is installed and working properly’?

G’day Mystic why is it that when i use nero that i try to burn my dvd compilation and it say failed dvd compliance test. Missing Video_ts.bup and Video_ts.ifo . Whats the friggin problem with it. Those files are already there. ccan U help. And also I have files that are missing, but not sure which ones. THe ones that are there are Wnaspi32.dll, Aspi32.sys and Winaspi.dll