Nero & RecordNow can't, Adobe can



NEC 2500 burner 1.07b8a f/w, Memorex (RicohJPN R01) 4x, latest NeroVision, RecordNow Max 4.5, Adobe Encore 1.01, Adobe Premiere Pro. On my 12th DVD, only 2 successful burns, one burned in Premiere, & one in Encore. Using a 2.7G AVI file (just over 12 minutes), that’s it, besides adding a simple menu in Nero & Encore. I’ve flashed the NEC with 3 different f/w’s; I used RecordNow tutes off the web for a DVD video; I’ve used transcoding presets & various adjusments to transcoding options, & changed burn speeds… didn’t make any difference on resulting DVD problem, I seem to burn a consistantly bad DVD in Nero & RecordNow, neither reporting any errors.
The problem is: video & audio are obviously out of sync, audio gets ahead, & the video is slightly jerky on most of the bad DVD’s. On a couple bad DVD’s the audio coughs & then cuts out all together about 1 minute in. Nero Recode copies great.
Any suggestions to get NeroVision to burn right?


I’m a Newbie myself to DVDs, but excuse my apperant Ignorance to your request…You did say that you are trying to burn an “AVI” movie/file to DVD useing the programs you mentioned…2.7Gbt AVI…
You Can Not do that as far as I am aware…You can write/burn an AVI to VCDR useing a CDR with those programs but not write it to DVD…You must use the appropriate program/s for that in order to convert it first…

If I am Wrong then perhaps someone will tell Me n Also tell U how to go about it in the best way…