Nero - Recognizing Commercial Audio CD's

I have the download version of Nero 5.5 ( Previously used EZCD Creator 4 and 5.

Under EZCD, when I inserted a commercial audio CD, it would go to CDDB on the internet and obtain the track info (I used this primarily in SoundStream to rip audio tracks to the harddrive as MP3’s or WMA format).

Is there a way to get Nero to do the same without downloading and installing the database from CDDB?

Nero uses freedb instead of cddb. To have Nero automatically access freedb through the web, go to File | Preferences | Database and uncheck the two Nero Local Database boxes.

Check “Read Server” and the three “Open…” boxes at the bottom (for the features that you wish to use).

This should allow you to automatically download track information from :wink: