Nero Recode?

I usually go the AnyDVD and DvdShrink route to make backups of my DVD’s.
Recently found a problem with Open Season. For some reason there is a problem with DvdShrink. This is documented in the Slysoft forum.

A workaround suggested in the Slysoft forum was to use AnyDVD and Nero Recode.

This workaround worked fine, and I was able to backup my disc.

So, this leads to the question, what is everyone’s opinion on Nero Recode vs DvdShrink.

My plan was to still use Shrink, but was curious about everyone’s opinion on Recode.

Recode is from the same guy that made DVD Shrink - he was hired by Ahead/Nero and that’s why development on DVD Shrink ended. Recode is basically an updated version of Shrink, without the ability to bypass copyright protection, thus the need for AnyDVD or to rip the disc to your HD with another program first. It is actually very similar to Shrink, just faster + it has been expanded beyond just straight DVD work such as Nero MPEG4, etc. It has deep analysis to improve quality just as Shrink does, and it also has the improved quality setting, which I’m pretty sure is the same setting as ‘max sharp’ AEC in Shrink. So again, it’s basically just a faster version, minus the additional AEC options. I usually use RipIt4Me to rip the disc, then use Recode or DVD Rebuilder for larger amounts of content such as close to 3 hour or larger DVDs, anything ripped via RipIt4Me should work properly with either Shrink or Recode (clean rips for compatibility).

Thanks for the valuable info.

Does anyone know if Recode is any different in Nero 6 vs Nero 7?

I believe it is locked into Shrink’s default ‘Sharp’.

Here’s an app to use all of the AEC setting with Recode. Note different source material will respond better to other settings.

[I]Nero Recode 2 works by default with AEC-Mode ‘sharp (default)’ - as known from DVD Shrink 3.2.

Especially for transcoding interlaced material (video) the ‘maximum sharpness’ setting does a much better job (Unbelievable difference. Try the different settings at 60 percent - You won’t believe your eyes).[/I]

This is great, there I was, using DVDShrink which was good, but I also had a full version of Nero. Thanks for all the info, go cdfreaks,

I’m still confused.
Went to all the links, when all is said and done, it appears that people still prefer shrink.
Am I right,
different util, make recode almost as good as shrink, but people still prefer shrink,

Recode is newer by the same author.
I know that Ahead probably put some constraints on recode, but still,
what gives?

most people prefer shrink cause it was the original and because it’s free…people are sentimental…Recode has advantages in that it’s faster and it gets improved upon periodically…I’ve used recode for the last 4 years…it’s great…use ripit4me as posted above…u won’t go back…just for the speed alone…Recode is the best

OK, so I got the utility for the AEC settings. Did a little reading at the other forum.
But I’m still a little confused.
Why would I want to use any setting beside Maximum Sharp?
Isn’t this the default setting in Recode?
So, is it correct to assume, that for most people who normally use Shrink (with the setting for maximum sharp), we would have the same results using Recode in default mode?