Nero recode?

hello. i’m having a few problems that i hope someone can help out with. i’m trying to burn a movie,i have it on my hard drive. when i go to Nero to start the proccess,i get a messege saying that the file is too big. as i understand,Nero recode which came with Nero 7 package,is a tool to shrink the entire file down so it can fit onto a blank dvd(verbatim 4.7gb). so anyway,i go to Nero recode and at the title screen i go to compile dvd,then import files then locate the files i want. i open the folder that contains the movie file,and nothing. when i know there is the file there,cuz i have watched it using vlc. do they have to be in some special format first/different folder? what gives???
if you need and more info,please ask. thank you in advance.

You really mustn’t cross post like this. Please read the rules again.