Nero Recode Versus DvD Shrink

Hi guys im Matt and im new here so please be gentle.

Ok i have a simple question and because i have limited time and a very short fuse with computers i was hoping that you could help me out.

All i want to know is how does DVD Shrink compare with Nero Recode. The two settings that i want to compare are

  1. DVD Shrink with a full dvd including extras etc in Deep Analyisis Mode versus Nero Recode with a full dvd including extras etc in high quality mode and two pass.

  2. Also DVD shrink with a full dvd including extras etc with no advanced settings and Nero Recode with a full dvd including extras etc with no advanced settings.

Last of all i am just curious if in DVD Shrink does the Deep Analysis mode or Sharpness mode help at all with the picture or is it a waste of time.

Same with Nero Recode i would just like to know if the high quality mode or two pass mode help out all and if they are worth it.

Any comments would be great and if you could post the settings you use i would be thankful as i use DVD Shrink with Deep Analysis along with Nero Recode with High Quality and Two pass enabled.

Thanks Matt

Personally, i think, NeroRecode makes a better picture than DVD Shrink. Either one, though, with the extra passes in Recode, or the Sharpness/Deep Analysis settings in DVD Shrink are not going to make that much more of a difference in your movies; at least not enough where you’d really recognize a drastic difference. Using these setting only prolongs the burning, and ensures that the correct data is received for the burn; the second pass, in Recode, is just a checking scheme, to make sure that the data had been retrieved, and the Sharpness/Deep Analysis of DVD Shrink does the same.

Me, personally, I just use the default settings to burn with either one; i’ve tried all different settings with both programs, and i’ve seen no difference in quality with the different settings. Recode does seem to produce a better quality picture, though. It definitely takes quite a bit longer to burn a movie with these settings turned on though; as i’m sure you already know.

Do what i’ve done; if you’re unsure - burn the same movie with each program, with each setting - compare the differences - if there isn’t a difference, i’d go with the fastest program.

The guy that wrote DVDshrink is the same one who nows does the work on recode. That is why shrink is no longer updated (for over a year) as part of his deal with recode. Recode is continuously updated so I would expect its quality to improve over the non-updated shrink.

Recode does seem to produce a better quality picture, though.

Dunno how you come up with that. I have noticed absolutely no difference in quality between the two whatsoever.

It all comes down to personal preference. Personally I prefer DVD Shrink. I just like the interface better and it’s what I find easiest to use. It also depends what you are going to use to burn. With Recode, Nero automatically does the burning. With DVD Shrink, you have to either hook it or burn manually. I have mine hooked to Imgburn because it’s just the method I prefer (I also use RipIt4Me so this all fits nicely for me).

There is no right or wrong way (as long as you get the result you want). There are plenty of options out there. Use what works for you and what you like best, simple as that.

I have various programs to assist me in backing up my DVDs.

Recode 2
Nero 7
DVD Shrink
DVD Decrypter
Clone DVD 2
Clone CD

I keep them all updated (except of course the one’s that are not updated anymore) and ready to go when I need to use any of them. Of all my combos, my prefered method is;

RipIt4Me using DVD Decrypter to rip, DVD Shrink to encode/compress/edit, FixVTS when needed to clean up, Imgburn to burn and also using PgcEdit when I want to change widescreen to fullscreen. Using this combo makes me feel the most involved in what I’m doing. I like the process.

Now using AnyDVD with Clone DVD 2 is a bit simpler (subjective) and faster but not as much fun (for me anyway).

Again it just all comes down to personal preference.

There are threads for days on people swearing which combo is best. What’s best for one could be the worse for another.

I like DVD Shrink a lot better than Recode, even though they are done by the same guy. Nero makes him do funny/odd stuff with the program.

I like to do this:

1 - Rip the DVD to the hard drive with protection removed

2 - Process the decrypted content on the hard drive with
a separate app such as DVD Shrink or Ulead DVD MovieFactory.

I have found the RipIt4Me, DVD Decrypter, FixVTS combo to be the best fit for me currently.

I do like DVDFab Decrypter as well.

AnyDVD is giving me a lot of troubles lately (see the other threads about the latest version) so I have temporarily removed it and am sticking with the other options mentioned above.

So, if you first install DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink (every system should have those) and then go over to the RipIt4Me homepage and download the version WITH the installer from this page:

and then install RipIt4Me, all you have to do is start the program from the icon it puts on your desktop and follow the Wizard. When it prompts you for FIXVTS, check all the boxes and process it, then you can open it in DVD Shrink by clicking on the provided link.

Works awesome. Handled the DaVinci code no sweat.

Forgot to add Imgburn to my list above.