Nero recode tutorial at doom9 and a good one :)

Nero ReCode tutorial and program setup

excellent tutorial put up at doom 9.

gonna try comparing out put to dvdshrink 3.05 wonder if anyone here has tryed nero recode when setup properly?

edit the above link takes you to his page scroll all the way to bottom for link to his nero recode tutorial.

OK, so as you work yourself through your own recode, why not jot down some notes, take some screenies and do a guide for your fav forum? :slight_smile:

i could do that but after inspecting his and comparing to recode program i don’t think it could be done any better which is why i threw the link up there as oppossed to reprint with permission.

i used recode for 2 stripped movies and results were good but i need a professional comparision to really put it up against shrink’s latest which does an excellent job.

see ya

Well, it’s not OK to plagiarise (as you allude to and know) but it’s OK to jot down your own steps and observations. We can help with tidy-up and posting … go on, do it!