Nero Recode Skips

I’ve been using Nero Recode for the past several weeks and every dvd I author skips towards the end. I tried Memorex, Imation, and CompUSA discs (all +R) and I still get skips. I’ve also tried writing at 1X and still the same. I’ve tried writing to a smaller image, about 4.35 GB. It seems cause the skips and stutters to occur a little later in the movie. Here’s my setup:

Burner : Digital Research DDVDRW8D
Player : Denon 2200

The Denon plays other formats just great, including Low Bit Rate non-standard vcds.

Would someone have a suggestion? Change media? If so which one. Use -R instead of +R? I’d like to get printable DVD’s and was looking at the RITECK 1X. Anyone know of any problems with the burner?