Nero Recode: Remake DVD without re-encoding?




I need to be able to rip main DVD movies onto my HD (for eventual transfer onto my new Archos AV700). Unfortunately the Archos won’t work with Nero Digital which is a shame because if it did, I’d have a totally superb all-in-one (inlcuding AnyDVD) solution. So, as Nero Recode is so easy to use, I wanted to be able to rip without re-compression the main movie files from DVD’s which I will then encode using DivX Pro.

However, there seems to be no option to do this and even if I specify a target size equal to or higher than the actual size of the files I want to rip, Recode still seems to do some, well recoding!

Does anyone know if there is a work-around for this?




Try ripping the DVD to .ISO with DVD Decrypter, then mount the image with Nero ImageDrive. This should allow you to use any re-encoding software.

Maybe DivX Pro will work on .ISO files natively without the Nero…


Nero Recode does not re-encode unless compression is used. NeroVision Express DOES re-encode. You can also use DVDShrink to rip the main movie only.


Oh right, so if I say have 5GB file and set it to fit to target of DVD-9 (8.5GB), I take it that counts as not compressing… or is there another option somewhere else that can be ticked to prevent compression? It’s just that it seems to take longer than I would have expected to save to the HD.

I am using Recode as it seems to produce files that work with DivXPro Converter, where as other apps (like DVD Decrypter) are giving me compatability problems.




Depending on your reading drive, It can take up to 15 min to copy a DVD to HD, or more.


Care to expand on the “compatibility problems”?

I use DVD Decrypter all the time, and compress the ripped ISO files with Fairuse Wizard to XviD. Works every time after transfer to the AV700.

Recode finishes stuff to .MP4, a wrapper which the Archos won’t accept.


At present I am using DivX Converter to convert the .vob files to DivX and it does not seem to like it if I use DVD Decrytper to get them onto the HD.

If I use Nero Recode to rip the .vob files I have no problem with the converter app but I just wanted to make sure that I was not compressing the files in Nero in the process of getting them off of the DVD. I am using the “Backup Main Movie” option in Nero…