Nero Recode question

I am trying to use Recode to copy a DVD to my hard drive. When I select to import DVD from one of my two DVD comaptible drives I get the following alert:

“Source Drive Does Not Contain Valid DVD-Video Title”

Is this due to the fact that I do not have AnyDVD or DVD Region-Free Installed?

I am using the freeware DVDShrink, with no problems so far, but I would like to be able to use Recode to do this. Also, I would like to burn on the fly from my DVD-ROM to my DVD+R/RW.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Nero Recode will not read a CSS protected disc, so you will need to use additional software, like AnyDVD as you mentioned, to allow you to extract the movie from the DVD drive.

By the way, DVDShrink will allow you to extract the movie with no compression. You could then transcode using other software if you so desire.



sorry about the double post.

thanks for your feedback.

You’re welcome.