Nero Recode question

what exactly is nero recode, what does it do?

User Guide for Nero Recode 2

Basicaly the same as DVDshrink, DVD2One or CloneDVD. It will let you take a full dvd or just the movie (no extras) and squeeze it down to a smaller size. You can also transcode them to Nero Digital (mp4 I believe).

Nero Recode will only rip/process DVDs which are not copy protected. You can process DVDs which have been ripped to a hard disk using other software though (e.g. dvd decrypter). It also works nicely with AnyDVD (see AnyDVD forums).

Does Recode offer a “BookType” setting? If so, where would I set it?

BookType is only relevant to the CD burning part…

Thanks for the reply’s. I found the setting for the “Booktype”!

I gotta now say that I think I’m gonna put “Shrink” on the back burner for now and start using “recode”. It’s faster in doing everything. Shrink would take about 2+hrs. to encode. Recode is only taking about 1-1 1/2 hrs.

I assume that for the main movie quality though, if I slide the quality bar as far to the right as I can, then the better the picture?