Nero Recode PSP help


Was wondering if anyone could give me a few tips on getting movies to a good format for my PSP.

So far i am using DVD Decrypter to create a large VOB file and from there i am using Nero Recode.

I started with SW2 and used DVD decrypter and got a VOB file of about 5.8GB, then i used nero recode for the PSP format and got a file of around 850MB. However the sound is very quiet throughout the film and cant really hear it and the picture size is very small, doesnt fit anywhere near the PSP screen.

Anyone used Nero Recode for PSP and had problems, if they aint had problems then can you tell me anything that i could be doing wrong. Like should i not use 5.1 Sound or do i need to do something different in DVD decrypter. All help appreciated.

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I have the same problems with psp and nero recode.

Volume too quiet and picture incorrect size.

There are a few things I think you could try. Once you have the video on your psp and are watching it you can push the “Triangle” button and go to “Screen Mode” you can select from four screen sizes, Original, Normal, Zoom, and Full Screen.

Also the size of the original video file you are converting will have an effect on the size Nero Recode encodes it to. For example I took a Divx video file that was at 580 x 234 and converted it to my psp. The video showed up very small but when I used the “Screen Mode” option to “Zoom” it seemed to fit the screen nicely, although there was some degrading of the video since it was in Zoom mode. I Have found that any video file that has a pixel width of 560 and a height of at least 304 will often fit the psp screen very well when in “Zoom” mode with little loss of picture quality. Also always use the custom crop feature so your video does not get cut off.

Another thing you might try is always encode to the PSP using the “memory stick video (PSP/AVC)” it encodes the video using AVC insted of MPEG-4. I seem to notice that the picture quality is better but it may just be me.

Dude the last post here was over a year ago.

I’m not sure if anyone is still reading this, but here goes:

 First, let me say that Nero Recode is, by far the best, DVD to PSP conversion software.  I have tried Copy DVD, PSP Video 9, and several others.  Second, the best tip I can give is to not use DVD decrypter at all.  DVD movies are roughly 9GB or so, and copying them to the hard drive at 5.8GB will degrade the quality.  My Advice is to grab a copy of ANYDVD.  It allows you decrypt, on the fly, commercial DVDs (along with HD-DVD and Blue Ray) that you already own, of course.  With ANYDVD running   in the background, fire-up Nero Recode.  Pick your audio stream.  Recode does tend to have exceptionally low volume, but there is a volume boost under settings.  Set the Digital profile to Memory Stick Video AVC.  In order to play H.264 AVC video you'll need to have 2.5 Firmware or Higher, but this can be emulated with the newest version of Devhook.  You can now set the out-put file's size limitations.  It doesn't really need to be bigger than 256MB.  I've found that, that size using the H.264 codec makes perfect video.  It has a small screen initially, but fits nicely when zoomed in upon, and H.264 doesn't lose quality even when zoomed to full screen.  Hope that helps!