Nero Recode problems with DVD43



I have just started using DVD43 and it works fine for me for playing dvds region free, however, whenever I try to convert a DVD into Mp4 format on recode, it keeps saying burning process failed, before it has even got to 0.1%. My Log simply says:

Encoding to Nero Digital started
Failed to read from the file %s.

This all happens in the first ten seconds. I have not configured nero in any way from the default settings. I have tried turning DVD43 before I start the burn process, but there was no difference.

Thanks, I would appreciate any help.


DVD43 is no longer developed. Consequently, it doesn’t decrypt a lot of movies properly. Anydvd is an updated on-thy-fly decrypter alternative, but it is not free. However, there is a free 21 day trial period that is offered. I recommend trying this instead of DVD43:


Ok, thanks very much.