Nero recode problem

This question may get posted to “Newbies” and if so I apologise.

I cant get nero 6 to recognize the output .vob or .ifo files from dvd decrypter. These files are playable on WinDVD but nero refuses to accept them for transcoding and burning.
I am using the demo version of nero recode 6 and wonder if that makes a difference? .
If the program cant be used for burning DVDs from DVD Decrypter I will have to buy Clone DVD instead but I reckon the upgrade from my copy of Nero 5.5 is a bargain.
Can anyone help or give me some advice on the best combination of decrypter and transcoder/ burn program.



The .vob files should be in the following file/folder MOVIE/VIDEO_TS/.vob files. Anything else and they won’t be recognized…or maybe you should be more specific…:cool: