Nero Recode picture quality



I’m using Nero Recode to create a DVD.

The main part of the DVD is being compressed by about 70%, with the menus and extras compressed by about 60%.

When I view the burnt DVD the quality is terrible! The picture is very stable, so I’m sure this is not a media/burn problem. But the picture is really blocky/pixelated.

It is much worse than the picture I get when using NeroVision2 to put together video files, then reduce quality by 50% or more so at to fit on one disk.

Am I missing something, or is the compression used by Nero Recode much more lossy than that used by NeroVision?



So are you saying you are trying to backup a store bought DVD with Nero Recode and have these problems, or something that you’ve run through NVE first?

Assuming a simple backup (using DVD Decrypter) at 70% you should get OK results. You should not automatically assume it’s not a media problem because it’s stable. Are you using the latest version of Recode 2 (much improved over the original Recode)?

You could try DVD Shrink (free and very similiar to Recode) and see if you get better results.


Thanks for the advice.

I switched to DVD Shrink, and the results are a lot better. Even with a full DVD9 compressed at about 50% onto a DVD5, I’m getting pretty good results, and much better than Nero Recode.

It will keep me happy until I can burn DVD9s!!