Nero Recode only play in showtime,HELP

Hey everyone, I tried using nero recode yesturday (remake a dvd) and put two dvd movies on one dvd(just the main titles). Everything worked fine, and the movies looked great in nero showtime, BUT when i tried to play the same disc in WinDvd or PowerDVD it wouldnt recognise it and refused to play the disc, can anyone offer any advice?
Thanks :slight_smile:

It depends if you encoded it to nero digital or mpeg2, if you encoded it to nero digital it will only play in nero show time (i think), but mpeg2 is more compatable.

Does it play in a normal home dvd player


NeroDigital will play in anything that supports MPEG4.

The problem is a that a lot of applications claim to support MPEG4 but in fact only support video (in AVI) and not the file format or MPEG4 audio.

Buy the 3IVX codec decoder ( for $US 6.95 and you will be able to view nero digital files on powerdvd, windvd etc.