Nero Recode not allowing to make DVDs

Hello Guys,

Sort of nooby doubt…but i can’t fix it even after googlein for a whole hour… :doh:

Just tell me how do I change to DVD(from CD) in Nero Recode 4…can’t find an option anywhere, although other progs allow to change to DVD(like the burning rom, etc)…All I see is this screen…


your clicking on Nero Vision 4…not recode…Recode should be just below that Nero Vision link you clicked on in Start/Programs/Nero…it’s either that or you haven’t enabled the right serial # to get Nero Vision to unlock the Make Dvd function to appear

Lol I meant nero vision only :o …this bug is really makin me go nuts :doh:

Yeah i also thought it was serial number issue…but other Nero progs like the burning rom, recode, etc are allowing me to make DVDs and even Smartstart shows an option to make video DVDs but just when I click on it Nero Vision appears with no option for DVD…so I was wondering if it is really a serial no issue ??

EDIT: Okay, I’ve tried several serial numbers now, incl for Premium Ed., and a Ultra Ed. serial no. from a comp on which Nero Vision shows make DVD option…so I really don’t think its a serial no issue…